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Don's Welding LLC


Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Metal Fabrication Services


The Story of Don's Welding

or, "How We Became One of the Top Metal Working Companies in the West."

A business four-plus decades in the making...

Don Murray has a wide range of experience from many years in mining, oil and gas, and his current business. He opened Don's Welding LLC in 1977...

just a few years before the area’s oil shale plants closed their doors for good. It was it was a pretty good start, but not long after the environment changed for the worse as the oil companies closed up shop and the area plunged into what locals call "the bust."

The shop's atmosphere is more that of a familiar tavern than a residential and commercial welding contractor...

The point is that people regularly take the trouble to visit Don's Welding LLC because they enjoy spending time with like minds in a relaxed environment.

“We take our time in setting up jobs with people, figuring out what they need both economically and practically...”

says Don. “We want to them the best solution to a problem without costing an arm and a leg. It’s important to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable because that’s how we’d want to be treated.”


"The people at Don's Welding LLC know what they’re doing, and Don’s got this easygoing way about him that puts people at ease. I think it’s a big factor in how Don's Welding LLC has been able to grow his business every year.”

Bruce B., Tech Support of Grand Junction

A bit about our people...

A Formula for Success: Decades of hard work in almost all aspects of welding.

Starting just after six years in the Army Reserves in the early '70's, Don's career took him from mines to oil fields to building his own shop and business in Fruita, Colorado. Born and raised on the West Slope of the Rockies, he's gone where the work is through the numerous booms and busts of the area. Starting with almost nothing, and despite setbacks in the local economy, Don has built a family, home and business that reflect well on his work ethic and his values.
Don hasn't just built a respected, locally owned business, he's built a large blended family as well. Family has always been important to Don, with about 20 kids who call him Grandpa and a stepson who currently works with him in the business. Having served the community for about 40 years, Don's Welding has established itself as a leading light in the field of metal fabrication. The atmosphere at Don's Welding is relaxed and focused and more like that of a familiar tavern or ranch than a full-service metal fabricator.
Don's Welding LLC runs minimal advertising. We don't do social media, we don't tweet, and we don't post our thoughts anywhere else. We prefer to focus on our business clients and our family. More and more of Don's Welding LLC’s revenue comes from beyond the geographic boundaries of the local markets-from farther than can be driven in a few hours. Incredibly, Don's Welding LLC is building a far-reaching client base with no marketing platform other than word of mouth.
Many of those who visit Don's Welding LLC for a quick repair find themselves returning again whenever need arises.

Meet the main guy...

There are several part-time staff members, but Don handles most of the workload himself.


Don Murray

Don Murray opened Don's Welding LLC in 1977. He had a clear plan for his shop, one that put the customer first, delivered superior service and made repair or fabrication headaches go away. By any measure he has succeded.